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Lyrics from The Dude That Is

All lyrics, music, etc. Copyright 2015 by Trip Dawkins

  1. Labels

  2. The Summer

  3. Like the Meows

  4. One True Beauty

  5. Wealth

  6. In Sand or Water

  7. Hands of Love

  8. Zhivago

  9. Seeing

  10. Everywhere

  11. Dont Worry; Well Get There On Time

  12. Get Out


That label you put on your head
you think it's clear just what it means
but for someone somebody else
it suggests quite the opposite

i will do my thing as i will
and decide what is true and just what isn't
It's probably gonna be different from you
But it's not a reason to become defensive

A paradigm must take its form
a model that embraces storms
It panics not when they arrive
Your world becomes once you're inside

i will do my thing as i will
and decide what is true and just what isn't
It's probably gonna be different from you
But it's not a reason to become defensive

you will do you thing as you will
and decide what is true and just what isn't
It's probably gonna be different from me
But it's not a reason to act unkindly

The Summer

summer’s connected me to inspiration
and autumn is here; it’s away
monday has come and others don’t seem to have any of this in their heads

they even seem happy it has come to an end and routine replaced the time
when i’d reconnect with an idea of what i am supposed to become

i’m caught in reverie; talking cacophony fills up the air, not my mind
Difference in thinking ends up separating even though i’m there in a chair

Like the Meows

oh how i wish the ladies would all take to me in a hurry
they don’t seem interested, but it’s ok i won’t complain now
peace to you baby; i won’t run away crying
i’ve got to do like the meows and go away forgetting

forgetting about you and remembering all the things I want to do
where’s the wind in my sails?
oh there it is

i am here to walk my path without any worry
to be happy as myself not like anybody
wake up and enjoy the cool breeze of the morning
make a happy plan that I will be pursuing

pursuing throughout the day
i will fill my mind with play
I will learn about life as well as things that I like and improve in every way


One True Beauty

What’s that you see?
Across the landscape, nothin is greener
Nothin that i could see yeah
In Texas there’s only one true beauty
and i think i know it by its name

it’s the ashe juniper,
and i don’t know why it’s been maligned so
it doesn’t matter what they say
it’s the most beautiful thing that i can see

oh ashe juniper, you’re so beautiful
ashe juniper i love you and i want you everywhere, baby
ashe juniper, you’re so lovely baby yeah
you’re so green, so hardy, i don’t know why anybody would say those things

i got in my car
and went to a nursery
thinking it easy
to pick up one of these yeah
they told me it’s a drinker that causes sneezing
and gets on people’s allergies

i thought
what’s up with this
i’ve seen them for years as i go
i’ve never done the sneezing thing
and if I did
I didn’t know


Wealth is adequacy
It means “enough for me”
I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout golden faucets

I want a forest preserve
with lots of water
and resources for havin’ fun yeah

A rich man cannot get into Heaven
because he’s attached to things and will not let go
but the Lord has given us a share of talents
and will not be impressed if we don’t try to make them grow

Back down on the ground
People talkin’ about
lots of little things and petty conflicts

I want to stay away
Don’t want to descend
I want to stay high and pursue enjoyment

as John Mayer said “There is no real world”
there the one for others and then there is yours
I’m healthy when there’s good vibes around me
a fearless honesty to be just as you are

one day at a time
I have faith I’ll find
just the way
to make things right yeah

Happiness is the gas
that makes me go fast
it’s a contradiction we all must live with

I cannot say where this road will take me
but i’ve got an idea of what i should strive for
so for now i’m dreamin to have a great time
it makes things easy and moves me out the door!

In Sand or Water

uh huh look at how the sun fills up the entire sky
the wind, sand, and light do something to fill me up
people happy to spend the entire day looking out
the original high definition TV

If I can when I get old
and lacking motivation
I’ll have land and a vehicle
To go out on my way

in the sand or the water
to visit my secret places
that would be a good day for me
swimmin in the world

uh huh when the shade isn’t enough to cool me off
i’ll wade out into the waves coming on the beach
or shower off the sand in my hilltop bungalow
and take a little ride on my ATV

the night is cool, and the stars are bright
night walkin is tranquil
a hundred trails that I want to check
with the doggie or the bike

or take the ride to the nearby town
in my sporty two seater
once at home i’ll wash it down
with the lovely herb

Hands of Love

it’s plain to see
it’s obvious
that women of all the world attract

their pretty faces
those gorgeous curves
They have a pull on me, and that’s just that

but there’s nothing, no nothing like
like hands that touch to love
There’s nothing; no there’s nothing
like the touch, the touch of love

When love is there
a finger’s touch might be all I need to heal my soul
when love is deep
and understands, just a look can be powerful

There’s nothing; no, nothing
like understanding eyes that send their love
There’s nothing; no there’s nothing
like eyes that look to love


Where were they taken?
into the night.. I don’t know
I’ll search for them
no matter
how far

My world is shaken
not knowing if they’re ok
i must go on
no matter
how far

In summertime
they appear
a burden lifted from my soul
because they
they are here
and well
yes, well

No more snow
frozen fields
nothing but yellow flowers
the promise of
better days
still lies


Hey now you there
what’s that on your mind?
i think you’ve overthinkin
think you’re contemplating
all the what ifs and what not

you should remind yourself of where you’re trying to go
get to movin with your plan
fun you could be havin
dreams a realizing
the other side of the mountain

and I believe
and I see you
arriving at the goal

and we’ll grill then
and enjoy like never before

hey now what’s up
you hit one out the park
so now what’s the worry
must you be in such a hurry
to leave where you wanted to go

just enjoy it there
and get ready for more
there’s no layin down an end

your job is to keep hittin
not to be predictin
any reason it must end


i love to see them
they give the land dark green
they provide the atmosphere
that i like here
when i’m traveling far

Without this hardy gem
the land would look real dry
you’d have to drive far
to feel that you’ve
entered the woods

Don't Worry; We'll Get There on Time


Get Out

What are you doing there?
Cruising as if you own the left lane
You’re getting in the way
Of people who would like to pass you

It’s called “the passing lane”
you can hang there if we’re halted
I would understand if
you passed someone, but you’re just creepin

Get out!

I could try to flash you
but I’m not out for the drama
I’m just trying to get home
before my eyes become too sleepy

also I don’t want to
create more traffic by tailgating
so I will pass you
on the right side if it’s easy


©Copyright - Trip Dawkins 2015.

Web only special: "Get Out"


Trip's Order (image)