composer and multi-instrumentalist Trip Dawkins

Trip's Order (image)


Recommendation: Listen to the whole thing.

This is the song I first composed to enter NPR's Tiny Desk contest. As usual, I began by recording all the parts so that when I got with other people, I wouldn't have to describe or sing anything. I could just hit 'play' and say, "This is what I had in mind". I confidently linked to the song in a craigslist ad, and nobody responded. Musicians can be a funny lot because while they get part 1 of The Whole Endeavor pretty well (Know What You Like); they mess up part 2, which is Compromise In Order To Work With Others. Then again, I realize that somebody starting a conversation with a finished product is not somebody coming across as very "bendy" or oriented towards compromise. I was willing to change anything in order to make this work. I would have even played this using a ghetto kazoo (piece of paper stuck against a hair comb) or done it a capella with anybody who wanted to be a part of that action.
A complete non-response is a blessing because it means you can completely abandon the first vision, and do something completely different alone. Thus, began the composition of Freedom And/Or Truth, my most ambitious project to date - an attempt to perform with 3 other visual instances of myself AND capture it all on video. I ended up getting my band after all and submitting my entry before the deadline.

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Trip's Order (image)