composer and multi-instrumentalist Trip Dawkins

Trip's Order (image)
  1. update April 2018: Une Ile (original lyrics version, 1999) finally gets a video.

  2. update Dec 2017: 1999 video "She's Out Again" uploaded to u-tube channel.

  3. update Dec 2017: After hours of rendering and 6 months of editing, Master Chef is finally completed.

  4. update Sep 2017: Group "Melodia" at Neutral Ground

  5. update May 2017 #2: Adding oldies to the U-Tube page.

  6. update May 2017: New video: "Travelers"

  7. update February 2017: New video: "Until Now"

  8. update August 2016: new songs: Planetoid, Despite the World

  9. update July 2016: a visit to an open-mic

  10. update May 2016: composition and recording of "The Desert"

  11. update April 2016: a crack in the floor!

  12. update 20 February 2016: launch of my new / old page

  13. update 2 February 2016: Tiny Desk entry

  14. update Feb. 2016: birth of my u-tube channel

  15. update 14 January 2016: "A Real World"

  16. update 26 November 2015:"Get Out"



Not a newcomer, Trip Dawkins has been making music for over 25 years. "The Dude That Is" is, however, his first formal effort to record new songs in 10 years! BIO

Available at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, etc.

CD: The Dude That Is (2015)

CD - the dude that is



All lyrics, voices, noises, instruments, etc. played/made/etc. by Trip Dawkins. All songs composed/recorded/mastered by Trip Dawkins.